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Mylo is the simple and secure way to sign up and control your products, preferences and payments. Access all your information in one account, across the brands you love.


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Keep your data safe. Your profile is confidential, and only shared when you choose.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is Mylo?
Mylo is a login and account service that websites use to provide accounts for their users. When you use Mylo, you have fewer accounts and passwords to manage, and an easier sign in process across each site.
Does it cost anything to create a Mylo account?
Your Mylo account is free to use. Some sites may require paid subscriptions to access additional content or features when you sign in with your account.
How can I use Mylo as the login for my site?
You can get started by visiting our Developer Docs site, and reaching out to CDS Global for more information.

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